Self-Drive Car Rental in Ludhiana

Self-Drive Car Rental in Ludhiana – Fico has arrived with its innovative idea of Self-Drive Car Rental in Ludhiana. It is providing a high-tech platform that makes it very easy for users to find the car of their choice to drive. With this, you can find the nearest car owner and directly visit his house and take away the car. Fico also gives an option to ask for the car to be at your doorstep.

Not only this. Fico is there to help you with your maintenance cost if you own a car and are ready to share. The pricing and the safety measures for the car are designed to make the car owner really comfortable.

With a huge number of car owners, this company is able to offer a wide range of car models and variants for app users to choose from. If you want a Hatchback that suits your budget or if you want a luxurious car to match your plan for the date night, just tap the icon of the Fico app from your device and make things easily possible.

With a very low margin to provide the technical maintenance and support, Fico is all set to decrease the extra traffic from roads as well as pollution.

Self-Drive Car Rental in Ludhiana

Every day, there are thousands of users that are willing to share someone’s car and are ready to pay a reasonable price for it. Every week there are thousands of families who have plans for weekends but don’t have a car to implement it conveniently. Fico is ready to take care of all kinds of requirements.

The app is too simple to use. After creating the account through simple steps and after submitting the required documents, you are part of it. Now, you can zoom in and zoom out the map to find the cars and choose by looking at their price, info and images. After simple verification steps, you can take the car from the car owner and drive wherever you want. Want to know how this app is different from all other similar apps in the market? Download it and fail to find a reason to delete it.

Affordable and Safe

With Fico, you can rent a car at a time that is convenient to you. We offer flexible car rental services in India. Even you can choose monthly Self-Drive Car Rental in Ludhiana from us with unlimited kilometres packages. All cars in our fleet have insurance and you will be safe and secure while driving on the open roads.

Reasons to choose Fico?

When you choose Fico’s self-drive car in Ludhiana, you can enjoy –

  • Affordable Rentals – You can decide whether you would like to rent a car on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Various Options – You can pick our self-drive car in Ludhiana from our massive range of classy hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs.
  • All India Permit – Fico Cars comes with All India Permit. So, you can drive anywhere in India without any hassle.
  • Other Services – Fico also provides cars for pick-up and drop off services at airports, Bus Stands, Railway Stations or other local destinations.
Book your Self-Drive Car in Ludhiana

Whether you are travelling from Ludhiana, travelling to Ludhiana or Travelling in Ludhiana you can now enjoy the life and the culture of the beautiful city of Punjab with Fico’s Self-Drive Car Rental in Ludhiana service. Moreover, our self-drive car rentals give you the freedom and privacy you desire with the convenience of driving at your own pace. Being a leading Car Rental/ Hire Company in India, we provide a wide range of fleets to our customers. We are a customer-oriented agency where 100% client satisfaction comes first. This is achieved with the help of our 24 by seven customer support team which is managed by high professionals. We do have an in-house maintenance team which ensure every time you rent a car from us, it is in good condition.

We provide self-driven cars to customers at affordable rates. Fico always offers branded new condition vehicles for a hassle-free and comfortable driving service. Now come and book your Self-Drive Car in Ludhiana and avail the best driving experience of your life. Let us make all your driving experience comfortable and hassle-free. You can plan your journey anytime with a self-drive car rental service from Fico. There are no hidden charges so you can travel safely anywhere across India. However, self-driven cars are not allowed in some cities or regions of India. So, you can contact us for assistance at the time of booking